Creating a system base

Trainings workshops

Improving processes

Implementation of the project
management system


Project management


Preparation of recommendations for solutions preceded by feasibility study


Initiation and implementation of the project for realization


Evaluation of projects during execution
Recovery programs for projects in the "crisis”


Learn Lesson

Supervision of the investment preparation process

The investment preparation phase is the first step in building the right base for the project in order to determine its feasibility, concept and to prepare the implementation plan. MSS, by active participation in this process, remains a professional support for Investor, helping to build an effective project organization, to prepare a baseline project plan and to properly manage the risk. The final investment decision, prepared in cooperation with MSS, will enable Investor to make the right decision on execution of the project plan.t

of the project
Choice of
the concept
for the execution
Final investment
decision FID
Preliminary feasibility
evaluation PFS
Studium wykonalności
Choice of the
optimum concept
Due Deligence
Conceptual project
Environmental impact evaluation
Implementation strategy
Review of a business assessment and preparation for the execution
Basic project
Contract strategy
Project Management
Investment application
Project Execution Plan
Decision gates

Supervision of the investment process

In the project execution phase, MSS is an active participant supporting Investor in improving the project management process. As a result of such operational contribution from MSS, during the supervision of the project implementation, the project gets to be applied within the terms planned according to the approved plan. For  projects in critical situation , MSS provides effective recovery plans.
During concluding phase of the project, as a significant value of our cooperation with Investors, our customers consider the creation of personalised base of experiences that can be used in Company in the future.

the project
the project
Project execution according to the assumptions
Supply management
Project Management,
Project supervision
Risk management
Follow-up audit
Plan of implementing changes
Hand over to exploatation and company assets
Evaluation of the project execution
Concluding of the project
Lesson Learn
Decision gates


Improving management processes in Company is a source of increased efficiency and a solid foundation for strategic growth. Describing such processes, modelling their course and indicating appropriate performance measures are the areas in which MSS is prepared to serve their customer. Moreover, we are prepared to implement advised management processes in Company as an adequate good practice.

Process management

Analysis of the company's
process structure

Setting the process
efficiency measures

Defining, evaluating,
and modeling  processes

Setting a process management system
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